Susann Wilson is completely unprofessional and should not be transporting horses or dealing with people. She can not communicate.

99% of the time I had to ask her when he would be picked up and for updates on my horse while he was being transported. Not to mention there was delay after delay in him getting picked up (5 days to be exact). There were a of couple times she wouldn't respond when I asked her a question. When they were about 1 hr away from arriving in Appleton, WI (in Stevens Point, WI) she text me asking for directions.

I had never been to Stevens Point at the time that they were driving through so wasn't sure how I could help, but looked up on Google Maps and told them what highways to take. It is very simple by the way. She even stated that she asked for directions and the guy at the gas station told her to stay on the same highway I told her to. About an hr or so later she called me and started screaming at me on the phone because according to her, I "gave her bad directions" and her "brand new Garmin" wasn't working, their phones weren't working and it was my job to give them directions.

First, I didn't give her the wrong directions, they missed their turn and blamed me. Second this past weekend we drove that same route and our "old Garmin" didn't freak out, not once, it gave us perfect directions. Our phones also worked just fine. And if you are transporting horses maybe you should map out your route before you leave!

And use a map as a back up! I hired Susann to transport my horse with the expectation that she would find her way and deliver my horse. It's not my job to give her directions. When she gets into town, sure I can help with that.

How does she expect customers to give directions when traveling through a state they've never been to? Besides I gave her the right directions. She charged me another $100 even though no where in the contract does it state she can do that. I paid it because I feared for my horse's safety.

After she finished screaming at me over the phone she handed it to her cousin John and I asked him "do you have a map?" And he said "Yeah I have a map". What am I suppose to say to that?! If you have a map, read it and stop bothering me! How is this my fault??

She demanded that they see the receipt for the $100 which required me to drive home from the barn. She also didn't know how much I had paid up front and said she would need to see the invoice for that. How unprofessional and irresponsible! My horse did finally arrive and seemed healthy and fine.

Let me just add that they picked him up at 11 pm and delivered him 1 am the next day. The drive was only 9 hrs but somehow it took them over 24 hrs to drive 9 hrs? When I asked if there was any hay left or if he ate it, they said he ate it all. I had sent a whole bale of grass hay and there is no way he ate that whole thing!

He isn't a fan of grass hay and mostly picks at it (he prefers alfalfa). This company lies and they don't know how to communicate. If they mess up they will blame you and rip you off. I don't know if they are crooks or are just plain ***.

I really would guess the latter....please save yourself the stress and don't hire Magical Sparks Fly Horse Transporter. I wrote a comment on their Facebook page but of course it was deleted right away. I also sent her an email saying I didn't appreciate the way I was spoken to. I never once received an apology for the way she screamed at me.

I have many, many equine friends and contacts across this country and I will tell everyone I know my story. I will never refer this company to anyone who is looking to transport a horse.

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